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NC State on Twitter takes all of the official NC State University Twitter accounts we know about and shows the most recent "tweets" in one combined timeline. No more scouring the social media sphere to find out who's in and who's not-it's all right here, pulled straight from Twitter every time you load the page.

We've also assembled a list of official Twitter accounts if you want to pick and choose who you follow. In case you have no idea what any of this is about, there's also a quick overview of Twitter, how to do it and a handful of resources from social media pros to help you get started.

If your NC State organization is on Twitter but not part of the NC State on Twitter collection? Send us an email at twitter@ncsu.edu. As long as you're using Twitter on behalf of an NC State entity (and have permission to do so) and clearly identify yourself and your affiliation, we'll add you to the list. We haven't started listing individual Twitter accounts of NC State people yet, just accounts that represent organizations (think colleges, departments, divisions, units, clubs, etc.).

NC State on Twitter is a collaborative project shared jointly by University Communications and the Office of Information Technology (specifically Web Communications and Outreach Technology respectively). If you would like to create your own site like NC State on Twitter, you can download the source and use it for free.

Since this site aggregates content created for and distributed through Twitter, we can't always guarantee exactly what's going to show up in the timeline. Posts are displayed on this site as a service to the university community. The content of specific posts belongs solely to the individuals responsible for creating and posting the content through Twitter and do not necessarily represent NC State University.

Additional Resources

What is Twitter?

Not sure what Twitter is all about? Check out this brief introduction.

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Twitter Resources

Online resources that provide in-depth information about Twitter, best practices, software and other useful tools.

Download the Source

NC State University is proud to offer the code that runs this site for free.